About Shotover Country

Shotover Country, set in a spectacular Wakatipu rural landscape, has been designed as an appealing ‘Kiwi-style’ residential neighbourhood offering working families the opportunity to purchase affordable sections for entry level housing close to Queenstown..

A strong sense of community is envisaged for those who choose Shotover Country as their address, reflecting the spirit of the Wakatipu pioneering families who made their homes in the Lower Shotover township on the same site many years ago.

Healthy living is promoted and reserves, recreational grounds, biking and walking trails are incorporated as an integral part of the development.  Shotover Primary School opened early 2015.  

You can also read our FAQ's which have an abundance of information about Shotover Country.

Please drive carefully around Shotover Country roads as there is a lot of construction going on.  

Welcome to Shotover Country down Stalker Road