What is the process to purchase a section in Shotover Country?

Contact us via this website or email office@shotovercountry.com and we will communicate with you directly.  

How many houses will be in Shotover Country?


Will the new community have convenience shops?

The land has been zoned for small commercial use. ‘Neighbourhood Retail’, our vision is a cafe/dairy, restaurant, bakery/food takeaway, maybe offices or hairdressers upstairs, all for servicing the community. Resource Consent is required by the new owner/developer.  It will be a great hub around that area and will work well as the community grows. 

Will there be design restrictions on the housing?

There will not be a design review process to go through.


Will Shotover Country include public transport systems?

Our vision includes that Shotover Country will link to the Public Transport Network, similar to Lake Hayes Estate

Will people be able to go boating and fishing in the Kawarau and Shotover Rivers?

Absolutely but there is no boat access to the rivers, however, there is walking or cycling access for recreational purposes.

Can children walk or cycle to school?

Yes, there are roads, trails and footpaths through Shotover Country which link directly to Lake Hayes Estate.  The trail is open now to bike across the old bridge to Quail Rise too.

How exciting is that?  Safety is our priority.

When did building homes start at Shotover Country?

Construction of the first homes were under way August 2013 although titles were first out November 2013.  




How many walking and cycling trails will the community have?

Please refer to the map in Your Neighbourhood.


Shotover Country has completed a Cycle/Walking trail which is built to New Zealand standard. It runs from Lake Hayes Estate, down Rose Hill, along Common Lane, across Stalker Road, along Florence Park, down Headington Hill to the Shotover River to meet up with the Queenstown Cycle / Walking trail.

We are preparing a trail now that will go down Jones Ave from Lake Hayes Estate, past the school and down Myles Way to the Kawarau River.  Completion is not expected until later.  When we have more accurate dates we will pass them on through this web site.


In association with QLDC, Queenstown Trail signs have been installed.



Is there any requirement that I must build by a certain date?

There is no restriction on when you start building, however all sections are expected to be maintained to a tidy standard.

Are there areas of sections that cannot be built on?

Some sections have consent notice areas for no build areas i.e. embankments.

Can I build my house in stages?

You would have to talk to the Council Building Consent Dept.

Is there a minimum sized house I must build?

No but there are council controls on height and site coverage. Each zone has it's own rules.

Is there high speed internet on site?

Shotover Country has fibre optic cable along each road and to every Lot boundary as it is developed.  Every stage is able to be hooked up as they get settlement.  Owners will have to arrange this with their provider.

Can I have animals?

Yes, you are welcome to have animals and rules are covered by local council laws.  It would be good to see people keeping control of their dogs as we still have sheep on rural land surrounding Shotover Country.  We also get a few complaints of roaming dogs in neighbours sections where their kids are playing, which is not too good.  Please take this on board and keep control of your pets. 

We are hoping to give interested pony enthusiasts the opportunity to ride a Pony Trail and keep a Pony on our flats by the Shotover River.  Keep checking News for further updates.  

What are the sun hours during summer and winter?

Details are on www.sunmaps.com, but its good to drive around our roads and see for yourself.  Please be careful as it is very busy down there at present.  Thank you for your courtesy.

Is reticulated gas supply available?

Gas is reticulated throughout Shotover Country.  This is installed to the boundary of each Lot and will be up to the owners to connect if they choose.  It remains underground until you apply to Gasco at a one off cost. 

Is the trail from LHE to Twin Rivers Trail at the Shot River wide enough for folk to pass easily?

Yes, all walking and cycle trails will be built to National Cycleway Standard.  We have now opened the trail from the Shotover River through to Lake Hayes Estate.  Nice walk or cycle.  Please keep the trails clean and use the plastic bags provided at our Doggy Tube Stations.  If you have plastic vege bags we invite you to fill tubes when empty as this is a Community run project.  We cannot provide rubbish bins to dispose of the used bags as we have no-one to empty them at present.  As we progress, things will get better.  Please take these bags home to dispose of in an acceptable manner.  Thanks for your co-operation.

Is there going to be an early childhood centre?

Gems has opened their second centre, located directly adjacent to Shotover Primary School on the corner of Cheltenham and Stalker Road.

Enrollments are now being taken at www.gems.net.nz.



Can we have a fire, log burner or wood pellet burner in the house?

None of these burners are allowed.  Under the District Plan Shotover Country Rules which prevent any sold fuel fireplace or appliance within a building, or the burning of any garden waste or rubbish or other solid fuel outside a building except for a barbeque.

These restrictions were deliberately imposed on Shotover Country in order to maintain the environmental qualities which make Shotover Country so attractive.  In the winter there can be long periods of cold weather without any wind to blow smoke away.  Winter smoke is often trapped in a low level inversion layer and does not drift away into the upper air.  It only takes a few fires to spoil things for everybody.

The attractions of Shotover Country include clean air, clear access to sunlight and stunning views.  These restrictions protect those attributes for everybody, particularly during winter. 

Can we have a fire in an outside BBQ area?

Yes, for the purposes of cooking.

Can we burn rubbish outside?

No, as it is best to have clean air for everyone.

When will the Stages be released?

We have been overwhelmed with inquiry and have started a secondary database for any future prospective purchasers.  

We will contact our database via email, prior to a new Stage being released.

Stages 1 - 12 have title now.  Stages 13 -14 are all sold.  






Do you have information on Shotover Primary School?

Shotover Primary School opened Feb 2015.  For further information regarding the school, please visit their web site www.shotover.school.nz.

Here is an article from the Otago Daily Times - http://www.odt.co.nz/news/queenstown-lakes/332547/schools


What size are the sections in the different Neighbourhoods

The sizes of sections vary in size.  Please call us if you need clarification. 



Will there be plastic bags supplied for doggy doo?

Yes, we have installed Doggy Bag tubes through the first 3 stages mainly on reserve areas.  We hope people dispose of bags in the cleanest manner as the Council will not empty rubbish bins at Shotover Country at this stage.

If you have an abundance of clean vege bags please help us by putting them in the tubes. This will be supported by the Shotover Country Community after being put in place by the developers.  There is a new no-nonsense dog control bylaw proposed by Queenstown's Council which requires owners 'of any dog that defecates in any public place to immediately remove the faeces'.  Any failure to comply with the bylaw incurs a fine of $300.   Disposing of bags is the problem we might face next.

Does Shotover Country have it's own District Plan?

Yes link provided:  Shotover-Country-District-Plan-Provisions.pdf       

Also please study the QLDC District Plan which is on their web site.


What fencing requirements has SC got?

Please study our Consent Notices for each Stage and our Special Zone District Plan which is located in Your Neighbourhood.  The QLDC District Plan also applies.

Within 4.5 meters of the road boundary in residential zoning of each lot you are required to build a fence that is not solid and no higher than 1.2 mtrs.

Side boundaries and back boundaries can be 1.8 mtrs high in this zone.  Please study the fencing requirements.  Owners must take on this responsibility.  


Is there any future for children to have a pony near by

We are working on trying to create pony paddocks on the river flats.  Keep in touch with our FAQ's and we will keep updating as we have more answers.

Is there going to be a Pony Trail?

Shotover Bridle Club are working towards creating facilities.  If you would like further information, please contact Secretary Lis Ford at shotovercountrybridle@gmail.com.

Do you have approx. dates for titles?

Stages 1- 14 have titled. 

Stage 8D is approx. March/April 2018




Can you tell me about the Reserve Names?

We envisage a strong sense of community for those owners at Shotover Country.


In keeping with the origins of Shotover Park in Oxford, the names of the reserves have all been taken from the surrounding parks and areas in Mr Gammie’s home town (see History section of web site)


Common Lane is a walking/cycling/riding trail in Oxford and fits perfectly with the area in Shotover Country which has superb walking and cycling trails which will link up with Lake Hayes Estate and the new Queenstown Trails.


Likewise, Headington Hill is another landmark in Oxford, England.  The Headington Hill Reserve in Shotover Country goes from the lower levels of the Shotover River up an incline to the residential properties in the Oxfordshire Neighbourhood. 


Florence Park is a lovely, family-friendly park in Oxford, England, which seemed a very appropriate name for the reserve area in front of our Neighbourhood shopping. 


We are working with QLDC on developing the reserves.

How will my neighbourhood be landscaped?

All Stages are required to have tree planting on the public roads and reserve areas.  This will include mature trees, grass verges and planting on any embankments which is required by Council. 

We also support safer neighborhoods by using energy efficient and environmentally sustainable LED street lighting.

What services will be provided to my section?

The following services will be provided up to your boundary:

  • Potable Water
  • Electricity 
  • Fibre Optic 
  • Reticulated gas (optional to hook up at your one-off cost)

Do you have the Consent Notices for each Stage?

We have Consents for Stages 1-14.  Please click here to view.  

The Consent Notices are in conjunction with the Shotover Country Special Zone Rules and the QLDC District Plan (available on their web site - www.qldc.govt.nz).