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Competitors rake in prizes after first annual Garden Competition

Shotover Country's first ever Garden Competition was a smashing success, drawing interest from throughout the community. With a wide array of categories to choose from, gardens that ranged from unplanted trees, to self-sufficient edibles, to blooming hedges were taken into consideration. 

We were thrilled to see such interest and it was an absolute pleasure being able to visit the beautiful gardens that our residents have worked hard to create. 

We couldn't have accomplished this event without the help of Suzie Todd and Jean Britton, our brilliant judges. The support and donations from Placemakers, Mitre10, Columbus Coffee, and Smokorun were also greatly appreciated. 

Finally, a massive thank you to Sharyn and Grant Stalker, who work tirelessly to bring the community together through worthwhile events such as this. 

Please enjoy some of the photos below from the competition!


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 20180323 171022 3

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20180315 151410

20180315 152718

20180315 160510

20180316 131439

20180316 133515

20180316 151250

20180316 162825



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