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Shotover Country supports launch of App showing Heritage Sites in the Wakatipuites in the Wakatipu

Shotover Country are supporting Queenstown & District Historical Society’s launch of their smartphone App of 64 Heritage Sites in the Wakatipu.

With funding from the Community Trust of Southland and access to the Lakes District Museum’s photographs, the Society have now finished creating a smartphone app celebrating 64 heritage sites for the benefit of visitors and residents. The app can be downloaded free onto iphones/ipads and Android devices.

Shotover Country is sponsoring Hicks Cottage, which is located close to the Shotover Country development. 

Hicks Cottage was built in the 1870s by Thomas Hicks who purchased the section the cottage stands on in 1872. The building, is now derelict but its roof is still intact complete with original timber shingles, and it will be stabilised and protected as part of the Shotover Country development.

There will be a longer article available on the smartphone App about Thomas Hicks’s remarkable and varied rags-to-riches life here.

For more information on Shotover Country’s history click Here.





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