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Boutique Retirement Village Planned at Shotover Country

We have recently announced plans for a high quality boutique retirement village at Shotover Country by an established New Zealand retirement living operator.

It is an exciting development for the Wakatipu, which in spite of several proposals for retirement villages over the years, has yet to see a project come to fruition.

We are well aware that there has been a big gap in the market and that there is very strong demand from people in the Queenstown and Central Otago area for a superior retirement village which will enable local residents to remain in the district rather than being forced to relocate to other centres.

The company spearheading the venture has signed a contract which is subject to a period of due diligence. But it is fair to say it is a reputable company with an excellent track record in providing boutique retirement living with a focus on people and care.

The proposed village will cater for approximately 300 people and will have 85 independent villas 36 apartments and 40 rest care rooms. A 23-bed hospital is included and the village will house a community centre and a range of recreational facilities such as a bowling green, swimming pool and fitness centre.

We have always envisaged Shotover Country would have a mixed neighbourhood.  There are many young families making their homes here with the primary school currently under construction. The retirement village would fit well into the mix and balance the community.

We are confident the project will go ahead and building will proceed on consent approval, and according to demand, with development of the first stage including the administration centre and the initial villas, expected to begin late next year.

We are already taking phone calls from people who have heard about the project on the grapevine. It’s very positive and we are doing all we can to ensure we can provide the Wakatipu’s first retirement village offering the level of retirement lifestyle living that people in the area so clearly want.  


If you would like to receive further details on the Retirement Village please Contact Us or email


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